Roadtrip from Vegas to Grand Canyon

  It was sooo hot today!  Luckily our rental car has an aircon.  Our car said the outside temperature varied between 90 and 112 degrees Farenheit! (112 degrees is 44,4 degrees Celsius!). I was afraid we were all going to melt!  There were a lot of trucks on the road but the highway is double laned all the way which makes it nice.

We’re about an hour’s drive from the Grand Canyon.  Tonight we’re sleeping at an inexpensive motel in Seligman, Arizona which is the birthplace of historic route 66.  It’s a very small, derelict town and a good set for a horror movie. (Marc does not agree with me that the town is very eerie.)  Shops in this one-street-town have cute but kitsch dècor with old, vintage, rusted cars outside their entrances.  We love it though!  The Road Kill restaurant we ate at was nice and resonably priced (after Vegas everything is reasonably priced) and it had the local Grand Canyon beer on tap! 🙂

We drove to check out the Red Canyon where we saw such stunning views of red sandstone in an oasis in the desert!  I was hoping to spot a coyote but only saw a lot of rabbits with white, fluffy tails running around.

Hoover Dam was our next stop.  Hoover Dam is one of the biggest dams in the world and was built to help tame the raging Colorado river and divert water to places like Las Vegas.  It’s also a hydoelectric power plant.  It was boiling hot to walk around outside to look at the dam and the stairs back up to our car were a challenge for me.  We rewarded ouselves with a cold beer at a roadside diner called Rosie’s Den.  It was exactly like a roadside diner in a small town you see in the movies!  The door had an old cow-bell on it which makes that distinctive noise whenever anyone enters and the waitresses had those typical cowgirl accents! It was pretty awesome.


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