Clarens Beer Festival 2016 & Home-Brew Tasting

Beer, beer and more beer!  There’s always something happening around beer!  And there always seems to be beer around us! 😜

The 2016 Clarens Beer Festival was very festive and most enjoyable. Here’s last years Clarens Beer Festival blog.(Which doesn’t feel like more than a year ago!)  The tickets for the Saturday were sold out a few months before the time so it is indeed a really popular event!  I was designated driver, by default… No beer for me.  But even if one doesn’t drink a lot of beer the atmosphere is still very entertaining.  There are various music bands, yummy food stalls and interesting people all around which keep things exciting.  The beers and brews also didn’t disappoint.  There was once again a beer to suit everyones taste…and some which were just very interesting- like a beer which smelt and tasted like Turkish Delight!  How pleasantly bizarre!

…And the beer doesn’t stop there!  Since then Hannes and Marc have brewed beer using their own unique recipe and techniques.  (Previously they used grain kits and worked-out recipes.). Their first batch of all natural, all self-sourced-ingredients beer is called Champagne Ale and is a light, fruity, easy-drinking type of brew.

The Champagne Ale was one of the beers tasted at this weekend’s 5th Ladybrand Beer Maker’s Meeting.  Here’s a blog of a previous meeting we’ve had: 2nd Ladybrand Beer Maker’s Meeting.  Nine homemade brews were tasted this time as well as some other all time favourite commercial craft beers.

Until we brew again… 🍻🍺🍻🍺

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