Myers Briggs Birthday Party

Last year I also had a very enjoyable and interesting birthday party… A Myers Briggs Birthday Party! I’ve been wanting to post it on here but haven’t gotten around to it. (Typical INTP behaviour!)

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a type of personality test and was developed by a mother and daughter team; Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. It uses an introspective questionnaire focused on different psychological aspects of the personality to divide people into 16 possible types. They initially developed it to help women decide which areas of work they would be more suited to when most women were new to the industrial workforce during world war 2. You could read much more about it online but basically you end up with 4 different letters: I or E (Introvert or extrovert), N or S (Intuitive or Sensing), T or F (Thinking or Feeling) and J or P (Judging or perceiving). Here is a link to a quick version of the test online: Myers Briggs Test. Obviously we can’t shove people into boxes just because of their Myers Briggs personality but I think it does teach one more about oneself and about how other people think and act.

I consider my sister an expert on the Myers Briggs because she really knows a lot about it. I always find it very interesting talking to her about it. So I asked her to be my guest speaker at my party. I made all the guests do the short version of the test before the day and then we had a fun discussion about the results and what they mean on the day of my party.

Natey, who was 8 months old at the time, got so sick just before my birthday he ended up in hospital with severe bronchitis. I also had bronchitis, which sucked. So the week before my party we were in hospital with Natey which is not a lot of fun. Thankfully we were much better and went home the day before my party. After our rough week my party really felt like a celebration of life! The venue, Blu Bottle Café at My Housey did an awesome job to make the event extra special. (Although the huge poster with just my face on was not quite INTP style, it was very thoughtful.). I think everyone also learnt a bit more about each other.

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