Coronas on the Shelf

When Lockdown was announced, I thought of doing something everyday to entertain the kids (and myself)… That’s why I came up with”Coronas on the Shelf”. It works similar to “Elf on the Shelf” which we do in December… Except, instead of finding an elf every morning they look for 2 Coronas every morning. They really enjoyed it! And I must say it was exciting for me too. I planned to do it for 3 weeks but then Level 5 Lockdown was extended… So the coronas stayed.. For 35 days! (Although some days they did run out of ideas.)

I made a video out of it every day to share with friends and family. My favourite video is probably Day 20-Lockdown with Kids. At the end of Level 5 Lockdown the coronas “lost their magic” and the kids each got one as a toy… They didn’t last long after that.. But their job of providing some lockdown entertainment was done…

It doesn’t look like Leo will be going to school again any time soon… So I still need to plan daily activites for them to do… If only we were allowed interprovincial travel that we could have a “Ouma Jane on the shelf” for a while!

Click on the Day to watch the Corona video of that day on YouTube:

Day 1 The two Coronas make their first appearance in the house. The kids were very excited about this!

Day 2 Getting enough sleep is one way to improve your immune system… But daddy got woken up to see the coronas… I don’t think the sleep theory counts for parents.

Day 3 Chilli and Rexi’s Birthday. We celebrated our doggies’ 6th birthday. This was lots of fun!

Day 4 Eat Fruit. Luckily Leo and Nate do like fruit.

Day 5 Facemasks before we were wearing them every day.

Day 6 April Fools Day. The coronas made jelly look like juice and had put toy eggs in between the real boiled eggs… Silly coronas!

Day 7 Corona means crown… So that’s why the coronas wore crowns on this day.

Day 8 Could drinking water regularly prevent Corona?

Day 9 Hazmat suits look like astronaut suits.

Day 10 SARS CoV2 causes CoViD19… I pretended to be a news presenter then Marc and the kids came rushing in.

Day 11 Pandemic…

Day 12 How do they test for Corona. Leo demonstrates how to do a temperature reading and Ouma Jane tells us a bit about her testing experience.

Day 13 Random. The coronas were hiding in the fridge. Marc puts a couch outside.

Day 14 History Lesson.

Day 15 Keep Moving. Trying to exercise. We do the tiktok plank challenge.

Day 16 Easter Weekend.

Day 17 Easter Weekend.

Day 18 Keeping Entertained… Finding different ways to stay entertained. Apps, Lego challenge.

Day 19 Marshmallow Test. This was funny to watch! The kids get 1 Marshmallow while we secretly film them. If they don’t eat their Marshmallow they will get another one when we return.

Day 20 Locked Down with Kids… This is probably my favourite one… We try to demonstrate what lockdown is like with kids and what we imagine it is like without kids. The “without kids” sections took us forever to make.

Day 21 Bored in a House.

Day 22 Science Experiments…

Day 23 Ouma Dakkie’s Birthday.

Day 24 Remember Gumpie?

Day 25 Still in Lockdown… The coronas are wearing hats and I’m playing around with my Tiktok app.

Day 26 Tasting… Decreased sense of smell (and taste) is one of the first symptoms of Corona. I test to see if the kids can still taste.

Day 27 Bats… Bats are really interesting! They say Corona originated in bats… But it’s definitely humans fault for allowing it to be spread to humans.

Day 28 Screening for CoViD19 in South Africa. How does the screening process work?

Day 29 Keeping busy day 29 of Lockdown with more science experiments. Kids try on their masks.

Day 30 Lockdown is getting long. Leo loves science experiments!

Day 31 Playing Outside.

Day 32 Bostons and Talking Coronas!

Day 33 Thank you for the Facemasks.

Day 34 Family Egg Challenges…

Day 35 Level 5 Lockdown is over!

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