Myers Briggs Birthday Party

Last year I also had a very enjoyable and interesting birthday party… A Myers Briggs Birthday Party! I’ve been wanting to post it on here but haven’t gotten around to it. (Typical INTP behaviour!)

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a type of personality test and was developed by a mother and daughter team; Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. It uses an introspective questionnaire focused on different psychological aspects of the personality to divide people into 16 possible types. They initially developed it to help women decide which areas of work they would be more suited to when most women were new to the industrial workforce during world war 2. You could read much more about it online but basically you end up with 4 different letters: I or E (Introvert or extrovert), N or S (Intuitive or Sensing), T or F (Thinking or Feeling) and J or P (Judging or perceiving). Here is a link to a quick version of the test online: Myers Briggs Test. Obviously we can’t shove people into boxes just because of their Myers Briggs personality but I think it does teach one more about oneself and about how other people think and act.

I consider my sister an expert on the Myers Briggs because she really knows a lot about it. I always find it very interesting talking to her about it. So I asked her to be my guest speaker at my party. I made all the guests do the short version of the test before the day and then we had a fun discussion about the results and what they mean on the day of my party.

Natey, who was 8 months old at the time, got so sick just before my birthday he ended up in hospital with severe bronchitis. I also had bronchitis, which sucked. So the week before my party we were in hospital with Natey which is not a lot of fun. Thankfully we were much better and went home the day before my party. After our rough week my party really felt like a celebration of life! The venue, Blu Bottle Café at My Housey did an awesome job to make the event extra special. (Although the huge poster with just my face on was not quite INTP style, it was very thoughtful.). I think everyone also learnt a bit more about each other.

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Bob Ross Paint Party

We don’t make mistakes, just happy, little accidents. Bob Ross

Marc’s “Bob Ross” party exceeded my expectations! It was really lots of fun and I was so impressed with how everyone’s painting looked. We all ended up with different paintings although we all had the same equipment, paints and watched the same Bob Ross video.

I also had to google Bob Ross when Marc first said he wants to have a Bob Ross party… but now I can’t imagine never having heard of him. He is best known for his show, The Joy of Painting, which was on TV from 1983 until 1994. He teaches people how to paint but many people watch his shows just because of Bob’s soothing voice and calm manner. His landscape paintings are amazing! In 20 minutes he paints an absolute masterpiece!

We watched season 16 episode 12. But there are so many to choose from. After the party we discovered a website called: which you can use to see all the Bob Ross paintings, what colour paints you need to paint that particular painting and there are people who have uploaded their version of that particular painting.

So, for the party we asked everyone to bring a plate of snacks and their own drinks. We were 11 artists in total so we covered 6 small tables with newspaper and 2 people sat at a table. We made an easel for each person and provided a blank canvas, brushes and the coloured oil paints which were needed. We all first had to apply a layer of liquid white. Bob Ross is known for painting “wet on wet.” Marc read us some “happy little facts” about Bob Ross, we then first watched the video and afterwards played the video again to paint along. We had to pause a few times because it’s actually really difficult to paint as fast as Bob Ross! But we all had a finished product under an hour.

It was so interesting for me to see how everyone’s different personality came out in their painting. It was really a very enjoyable evening!

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Our Getaway to the Drakensberg

We packed our bags, the kids, the kids’ bags, the kids’ pram, the kids’ toys, the kids’ snacks, the kids’ day bag and …. off we went passed Clarens, passed Sterkfontein dam to Cayley Resort near Winterton. Cayley Resort looks over the Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle ranges of the Central Drakensberg.

We had an amazing view from our unit, number 33. Cayley Resort is similar to Kiara Lodge in Clarens. There was also a big jumping pillow and a play area for the kids. Although it’s still winter we wandered down to their “beach area” and were amazed to actually find a guy working there although it seemed empty. Could be fun in summer and if one had a babysitter.

We had lekker chats and ate lekker snacks… and learnt a lot about what vegans eat. When our beer ran out on our last evening Marc had the guts to go and ask our neighbours if they were willing to sponsor us a six-pack! And they did!

We explored the Winterton area a bit. On our first day we went to The Pig and Plough. They have good craft beer! On another day we ate at Waffle Hut and Pizza Shack which are next to each other. We also went to Drakensberg Brewery (where we also did some chocolate tasting!) and The Valley Bakery. All we did was eat and drink! Björn and Sarah live a few kms from Drakensberg Brewery. Lucky them! So we got to see them too which was nice.

I think Leo, Nathan and August also enjoyed the getaway. Although August took a few knocks to his head. We ended the weekend with a cherry on top at the Clarens Brewery. Thank you to Ansuné and Godfrey for a really memorable weekend.

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1,2,3 Let’s Blaze Birthday Party

1,2,3 Leeet’s Blaze! That was the theme of Leo’s 3rd Birthday Party we held this year. I made a Blaze chocolate mud cake which you saw on the previous post. When he saw the cake for the first time his eyes lit up and he studied the cake with an amazed smile on his face for about 15 minutes.

Ouma Jane bought Blaze cookies! Leo cherished those cookies. Luckily he didn’t have a problem letting his friends also have a cookie each. He even took one to school for his teacher on the Monday. The last cookie he held in his hand like it was a precious treasure.

Another highlight was our homemade Blaze Piñata! Leo, Marc and I made the piñata 2 weeks before his party and Leo just couldn’t wait to smash his piñata. Thankfully we had another piñata which my sister gave me so that Leo could smash his piñata by himself and his friends could smash the other one. He did share the sweets which fell out when it was eventually totally bashed.

Leo had a big helium Blaze balloon and a big number 3 balloon which were still floating around our house until yesterday. Ouma Dakkie managed to find a Blaze banner at China Mall. We also had party packs and served boerewors rolls and Dakkie’s yummy milk tarts. It was a really fun birthday weekend.

Now Leo is already counting down the days to his 4th birthday!

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Chocolate Blaze Sponge Cake

We had a blazing good time celebrating Leo’s birthday this year. I used Daleen’s chocolate cake recipe to make a “Blaze and the Monster Machines Mud cake.” It is really a yummy, fluffy cake. It tasted really good with the chocolate cream cheese icing I made. Marc got the little Blaze characters online. Leo really liked his cake! Will post some more pics of the party and our Blaze piñata in next post.

Daleen’s Chocolate Sponge Cake recipe:

Chocolate sponge cake:

Turn your Oven to 180’C

You will need:

8 eggs seperated

1/2cup cacao

1cup hot water

2 cup cake flour

2 cup sugar

4 tsp + 1 tsp baking powder

3/4 cup cooking oil

Pinch of salt

5ml vanilla essence


Mix hot water and cacao and let cool.

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder(4tsp) and salt.

Add egg yolks, oil and cooled cacao water.

Mix well for about 10 min.

Beat egg whites until stiff peaks can form. Add 1 teasspoon baking powder and fold into chocolate mix.

Bake for 40min

(Until you can smell the cake and it’s no longer wobbly. Or until a knife/toothpick comes out clean.)

Really yummy! Thanks Daleen.😊

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Best Play Dough Recipe

Leo enjoys playing with play dough. And when it’s not on his head (see pic) or in the carpet it makes for a fun activity.😊

This Play Dough is easy to make, feels nice, and lasts long. I originally got the recipe from Milene. Here it is:

1 cup Flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon Cream of Tartar, 1 tablespoon oil

Add ingredients in pot and heat on stove, mixing until it is the right consistency. (Mini arm workout!)

He had two separate colours for about 2 minutes.

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Let the Party be Gin!

We held a small Gin Tasting event for Marcus’s birthday this year. I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now… but election day is probably a good day to post about gin!

Gin is clear alcohol + juniper berries + other botanicals and spices. Nobis bought some juniper berries for us to taste. They are more like cones than berries. Even the word “gin” comes from old french for juniper.

What we did was buy a few different types of gin and a few different types of tonics. Some guests also brought gin. We had cucumber, lemons, rosemary, mint, tea-bags, lavendar, castor sugar, Angostura bitters and candy floss. We also made round ice balls. Everyone mixed and match some gin, tonic and whatever else tickled their fancy. I wanted to play some sort of queen’s hat game but Antonie looked so good in the hat he ended up wearing it the whole evening.

I found the research of gin very interesting and it was quite exciting tasting different pairings. Our favourite is currently Gordon’s Gin with Fitch & Leedes pink tonic.

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