Hi! 🙂

This blog is to share some thoughts on our life journey and travel adventures with friends and family and to record and remember the joys in life. It’s also to motivate and inspire us to really live life to the full and hopefully, in the process, it will motivate and inspire you too.

We enjoy good food so I’ve included some of our favourite recipes under the “food” category. These are all quick and easy to prepare meals/treats and are really lekker!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice-cream which is sort of the same thing….right?!”

A Bit More About Us:


I’m Janny (a.k.a Jam) and I write most of the posts on this blog. (Hence the blog name, jam4joy.) My husband, Marc, is my technical adviser and executive producer. He takes many of the photos you see on the blog and also writes a post every now and then. In the pic above he is 3 months into his ‘yeard.’ (Year long beard)

We were both born and bred in sunny South Africa. (Although Marc must have some Oriental ancestry which would explain his surname and his love for cheap gadgets and sweet&sour pork).


Marc lived in Lesotho when he was a youngster and was in hostel in Bloemfontein from grade 7 to 12. He has his honors degree in Quantity Surveying and is very tech-savvy. He is also good with (and perhaps sometimes addicted to) games on his Phone.

I grew up on a mini farm with lots of geese, chickens and dogs running around. I really enjoyed student life on Kovsie campus where I obtained my medical degree. I then completed, or rather survived, 2 years of internship in Bloemfontein, working at various hospitals. After that, I worked as a general doctor in a small rural government hospital where I saw some interesting and sometimes scary things.


Marc and I both try eating healthy…well…most of the time. The recipes on this blog are all the ones we really like and want to remember. (Some may be more yummy than healthy.) We find it very interesting tasting local food and drinks from different places. We’re not scared to try something new. (And we are fortunate to have hardcore stomachs.)

We also try to include some form of exercise in our every day life. Marc is quite good with this but I need continuous motivation, and sometimes need to be pulled out of bed and dragged to gym, but once I get moving I enjoy it.

“My life is a constant battle between my love of food and not wanting to get fat!”

The more we travel, the more we want to travel! We’ve seen incredible sights and met some amazing people. We’ve eaten coconuts in Thailand, touched the pyramids in Egypt, hiked to Machupicchu in Peru, climbed mountains in Lesotho, walked on a glacier in Argentina, gone snorkeling in Zanzibar and cycled the Death Road in Bolivia. Marc has toured Europe and I’ve walked on the marble floors of the Taj Mahal. And there’s still so much more to see and do!

We also love traveling in South Africa! It’s really a beautiful country! Rural Transkei has many untouched beaches with cows walking around and scuba-diving in Sodwana is an absolutely spectacular and colourful sight. Then there’s the Drakensberg mountain range, Table mountain, great wineries, many stunning coastal towns, arty Clarens and of course many game parks to see animals.

After some thought, some working and some saving, we sold my car, moved out of our comfy town-house and went on our South American adventure. We have stepped out of our previous 8-5 working environment and have set out on a new life journey with no particular plans. We will see where the road takes us… Explore, Dream, Discover!

Join us as we explore South Africa and the world while searching for beauty, inspiration and meaning and of course, eating yummy food! 🙂

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

We’ll keep you updated and motivated!


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