Malealea in Lesotho


20140713-160640-58000395.jpg“Muther, futher, good morning!” We will never forget the friendly, little face of the Basotho boy who greeted us with such enthusiasm when we returned to the campsite late in the afternoon after an 8 hour strenuous hike. He was probably keen to practice his english, but we were way too exhausted for any coherent response.

That day hike from Malealea lodge with a local tour guide was very exhausting but so worth it! Lesotho is very beautiful. So many mountains (and uphill walking) with ice cold mountain streams flowing at random places. Our guide also took us to see some Bushmen paintings, little rock pools and a waterfall. One can also go pony trekking which should be fun. You could get to Malealea lodge in a normal car but a bakkie or SUV is highly recommended.

We said goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013 while camping at Malealea Lodge in Lesotho with our good friends, Sean and Cora. We played a lot of Uno, chilled and made yummy veggies and sandwiches on the braai. When we were there, there was a lady in a hut just outside the entrance to Malealea who makes and sells delicious makwenyas (vetkoek/fried bread balls). Do try these yummy calorie bombs. Very tasty! Even though it was the middle of summer it still got really cold at night! A warm jacket is a must have when visiting Lesotho all year round.

There was this crazy rooster roaming around the campsite. It was abnormally big for a chicken and a lot of it’s feathers had been plucked out so it looked really psycho…. And it was! It attacked me on my way back from the bathroom! The others laughed when I told them I was attacked by a psycho chicken but they didn’t laugh long because the chicken started attacking them too. It was so funny seeing Marc when this crazy chicken came for him. He got such a fright he threw his camping chair at the chicken while shouting: “F😁k off hoender!!”





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