Clarens Craft Beer Festival 2017

“If you’re hoppy and you know it drink craft beer!”

It was the 7th annual Clarens Craft Beer festival this weekend, the 5th one we’ve been to. And the beer just seems to be getting better and better!

We thought it was going to be a rainy day because it’s been that kinda weather all week, but the Saturday  of the festival was a perfect, sunny day. Lionel booked accommodation for us in Clarens a year ago already.  It was really nice not to have to drive back home straight afterwards.

My favourite beers this year were the watermelon beer, the coconut beer and the honey mead.  The honey mead was also Lezhanne and Jhean’s favourite… I think they were the reason why that beer finished so quickly!😜 

Marc’s favourite beer was again the same as last year, Agars Brewery’s Tomahawk IPA.  If I charged every person who asked to take a photo with Marc R10 then I would have had at least enough money to pay for my next beer festival ticket!  His beard is still quite an attraction.

Maybe we will also have a beer tasting stall at the festival one day!


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1 Response to Clarens Craft Beer Festival 2017

  1. Marion Baars says:

    And little Lionel is getting prettier by the day – no doubt all that good tasting beer.

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