Kiara Lodge Getaway 

When I was younger I pictured heaven as a place high up in the mountains with soft, fluffy clouds, pretty pastel colours and bunny rabbits everywhere… After this weekend I realized I was just having visions of Kiara Lodge!

We swam in the warm water pools(which I had been looking forward to since we made the booking), jumped on the jumping pillow and checked out the bushmen paintings.  We also walked across the road to “Die Bus Stop” where I had cheese cake for breakfast while everyone else had “pap en kaiings”with “moerkoffie en kondensmelk.”  Ons was inderdaad bly dat ons nie daai bus gemiss het nie!  (We were indeed glad that we didn’t miss that bus!)

It is a 15minute drive from Kiara to Clarens.  The cottage we stayed in at Kiara was really neat, clean and comfortable.  It had a nice braai area with a beautiful view of heaven. (mountains and bunny rabbits)

Thank you Oumie for a wonderful weekend!  When can we go again!?We went back to Kiara Lodge in October 2017….and would probably go back again if we get the chance!

Here are some pics of our trip.

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1 Response to Kiara Lodge Getaway 

  1. Marion Baars says:

    Enjoyed to see all your pictures of Lionel. Looks like he is getting to big for his boots 🙂 Probably because Oupa is spoiling him so.


    Aunty Marion

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