Family Festivities

I’ve been wanting to post something about our Christmas and New Year Festivities… and I actually uploaded the photos on the 2nd of January.  Next thing I know January is almost over!  

We had a very relaxing festive season with the family.  We, like most people, ate way too much.  But the food was so delicious!  Carol and Lionel impressed again with a “Cubata” meal with bbq prawns, ribs, smoked trout and homemade bread!  Leo got his passport stamped for the first time when we went for lunch at Regals in Lesotho.  We almost scored free breakfast at The Cabin when someone accidentally paid our table’s bill instead of their own.

At least in between all the eating we were also active! Pete missed a win at our parkrun by a few seconds and Jane finally climbed to the top of “Die Stalle!” We swam a lot to keep cool and relaxed a lot to stay sane.  There was poker played on the night of the 31st… almost into the new year.  The Deens came to visit and Kate actually got Rex to jump in and out of the pool!  I think the doggies really miss her!  Leo was so spoilt with all the love and a ton of presents!  

Time did what time does and flew by far too quickly.  Happy 2017 everyone! Xxx

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3 Responses to Family Festivities

  1. John S Chapman says:

    Hi. Carol and I enjoy reading your posts. It’s a connection not only with you guys but with South Africa, where we seems to have spent a lot of time lately. In fact, we just returned to Vancouver yesterday after over 2 months on the continent, mostly in SA and Moz, where our daughter lives. Our four days celebrating my daughter’s birthday in Cape Town were amazing. What a place! All the best. John & Carol (we met in Peru and Bolivia a few years ago, if you recall).

    • jam says:

      Hi John and Carol! Good to hear from you. Glad you like South Africa. We live inland, near to Lesotho, so if you are ever keen to travel further into SA, give us a call! 🙂

  2. janemyburg says:

    Awesome!!!! Sit op fb met fotos ⭐️

    Sent from my iPhone


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