Wedding in Kaapschehoop

Edit“Two lives, two hearts, two souls become one.”

South Africa really has a lot of interesting places!  Like this little village, Kaapschehoop, near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga…which I found out afterwards is where my mom’s grandparents used to stay!  

We arrived at this mountain, the day before the wedding, when the whole place was covered with thick mist…I think we were literally in a cloud. We could hardly see a meter in front of us.  The small community looked very eerie with its rock fields, fairy decor and roaming horses in the mist. There are apparently nice hiking trails in and around the area.

There are many wild horses walking around freely… people are not even sure how the horses got there in the first place.  Possibly left there after the anglo-boer war.

The next day all the spookiness was gone, the sun was out and it was perfect weather for a wedding.  Marise looked very pretty in her black and white wedding dress and she and Reuben make a cute couple.  It was also good to see the rest of the family…although baby Leo wasn’t too happy with all the excitement.

It was a good weekend and I’m glad I got to see the quaint little historical village.  Wishing Reuben and Marise lots and lots of happiness. 😊

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