The Successful Yeard (year long beard)


A yeard, a year long beard, is something which many men only dream of. It requires patience, dedication and perseverance. Congratulations to Marc on his successful yeard!

The last time Marc shaved was the 2nd of September 2013. On that day he told me that he’s not going to cut, trim or shave his beard for one whole year….”This time I’m going for the yeard!” I didn’t take him too seriously because he has previously said things similar to this and then always ended up shaving 2 weeks or so later. But this time the beard stayed….and is still staying! There are no talks of shaving anytime soon. (And when he does we’ll have to take a video of it!). For now the yeard is still growing strong!


Like I mentioned in the half yeard post is that the beard really gets a lot of attention-which is definitely mostly positive. I think people in town are generally used to the beard by now and there even seem to be more men sporting beards! The beard has even inspired Marc to start the website: beardsandguns where he intends to post about beards and also men’s fitness. So keep an eye on that site for more info and tips on beards. 🙂

One of the main excuses men have for not growing a beard is that their wife/girlfriend won’t allow them to, so one of the questions I get asked a lot is: “how do I put up with the beard.” Well, it’s difficult for me to answer that because it doesn’t seem like something one has to ‘put up with.’ I actually quite like the beard! And it makes ice-cream eating very entertaining!



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