Let the Party be Gin!

We held a small Gin Tasting event for Marcus’s birthday this year. I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now… but election day is probably a good day to post about gin!

Gin is clear alcohol + juniper berries + other botanicals and spices. Nobis bought some juniper berries for us to taste. They are more like cones than berries. Even the word “gin” comes from old french for juniper.

What we did was buy a few different types of gin and a few different types of tonics. Some guests also brought gin. We had cucumber, lemons, rosemary, mint, tea-bags, lavendar, castor sugar, Angostura bitters and candy floss. We also made round ice balls. Everyone mixed and match some gin, tonic and whatever else tickled their fancy. I wanted to play some sort of queen’s hat game but Antonie looked so good in the hat he ended up wearing it the whole evening.

I found the research of gin very interesting and it was quite exciting tasting different pairings. Our favourite is currently Gordon’s Gin with Fitch & Leedes pink tonic.

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