Mathys Reminds Us to be Strong and Thankful


“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

It is always inspiring to meet someone with a fighting spirit, someone who has made the most out of a very bad situation. We met Mathys Roets last night and he is someone who has certainly made some lemonade with the lemons he was thrown with.

Mathys is a South African singer and musician who was in a really serious motorbike accident in 2009 while he was on his way to the KKNK. He sustained injuries to his head, chest and spinal cord and lost the ability to use his legs.

Today, even in his wheelchair, he is living life to the full. He is still doing concerts, he’s playing golf, taking part in marathons and spending time with his teenage sons doing fun, adventurous activities.

Last night he drove in his car by himself to the concert venue! We were quite surprised when we heard he arrived alone. The people that usually join him for concerts couldn’t make it but instead of canceling, Mathys just arranged someone from the venue to help him set up. The audience really enjoyed his show and his singing with that deep voice of his.

When bad things happen, like they sometimes will, it gives us hope to hear the stories of people like Mathys, who have survived and become stronger, with time, after their storm. It also reminds us of the things we still have and sometimes take for granted.







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