Inspiration from Dr.Seus

Remember Dr.Seus? I really enjoyed his books! Here’s some mid-week inspiration:

I was carefully thinking
While slowly sinking,

That this site is jam 4 joy,
And not joy 4 jam
It’s about what I like and who I am,
So do I like green eggs and ham?
Maybe I do,
But what if I don’t?
It won’t change a thing, no, it really won’t!

So to stop me from sinking
And to get you all thinking,

Here are some words,
To wake up your smile
And to make us feel happy even just for a while…







Have a good day! 🙂

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1 Response to Inspiration from Dr.Seus

  1. Marion Baars says:

    Thinking of starting a family Janny – getting ready with Dr Seus J

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