Clarens Craft Beer Festival 2015



IMG_5615“Beer is not the answer. Beer is the question. ‘Yes’ is the answer!!😄”

It was the long-awaited Clarens Craft Beer Festival last weekend… Craft Beer Breweries from all over South Africa were there with their best and most interesting brews. There was pumpkin ale, hot-chili beer, cherry cider and beer that tasted like smoke…

We’ve been to the 2013 and 2014 Beer Festivals and so this time we convinced my family that they need to come and experience this Beer Festival with us this year. Here’s my blog about the 2014 Clarens Beer Festival.

Lionel booked accommodation and tickets for all of us as soon as the dates for the festival were announced. (Last year we had to drive through for the day because we didn’t book a place to stay in time.) It was my mom’s birthday so it was really an extra special weekend!

We were glad that the weatherman was slightly off target because the rain started at 1pm instead of 9am like it was forecasted. (Sort of like the South African load-shedding schedule.) Marc’s beard was a hit once again and many people made comments and asked him questions about it. It also made him bond with a new friend, Mike, who had a thick, orange beard and a loud, monotone, one-syllable laugh. (Not 100% sure if the bonding was due to the beards or the beers!?)

Everyone eventually found their favourite beer. My favourite was a sweet honey beer and Oumie couldn’t stop raving about the breakfast beer. (She was having breakfast all day!) Marc kept going back to an english bitter beer (too bitter for my liking) and a tasty hazelnut beer (which was nice). Even if you are not really a beer drinker you will still enjoy this Craft Beer Festival! Believe me!

My mom spent her birthday money buying a new outfit and little gifts for her colleagues in the interesting shops surrounding the Clarens square. She bought a pretty black top (which might have been gold) and a funky brown top (which might have been black). After our big debate about that silly “gold-white-blue-black dress” going around the internet I’m not sure what colours are real anymore.😜

Keep an eye on the Clarens Craft Beer Festival ‘s website, to ensure your ticket for 2016!

“You know something bad is going to happen when someone says:’Hold my beer and watch this!'”





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