What Happens in Vegas…


 How do I even begin to tell you about Vegas!?  It’s all the glitz and glamour you’ve heard of: big screens, tall buildings, colours, sparkles, dancing, music and lights everywhere…. It’s totally fabulous but also crazy and very overwhelming!  We’re here in the week (much cheaper to come during the week) and it’s supposed to be quieter but there are still tons of people!  It would be entertainment enough to watch all the people all day.  Some are dressed up all fancy, others go for the comfortable-home-in-my-tracksuit look, there are men dressed up as ugly women and ugly women who look like men.  There are people dressed up as cartoon characters and there are girls in wedding gowns. There are so many wedding chapels around-fancy ones and also very cheap-looking ones.  Also, there are many beggars, homeless people and people who look like zombies walking about and sitting on the pavement.  It’s quite a contrast to the glamourous life of the world’s entertainment capital.  

We ventured beyond the entertainment areas and took a drive to see what the local people live like in Las Vegas.  We saw a lot of trailer parks (or mobile home parks) and the people living there don’t seen to have much.

We stayed in Monte Carlo which was very pleasant and is located on the main strip (where it’s all happening).  We walked (a lot) to go have a look at all the other hotels.  Each hotel has a unique theme…very interesting.  My favourite is Caesar’s Palace which is very elegant and has greek statues and architecture.  Luxor is also fascinating!  It’s shaped like a huge pyramid with ancient egyptian decor on the inside.  All the hotels have out-of-date, old carpets.  It’s noticeable because everything else is so fancy.  

I think Vegas is called Sin City not only because of what happens here but also because it’s a sin to spend so much money on entertainment!  It’s fascinating but crazy!  Everthing is really expensive here! The food, the drinks and the shows are really pricey… If you had millions of dollars you could spend it all, rather quickly, here in Sin City.

Our minds have had a sensory overload… And we unfortunately didn’t win the jackpot so it’s time to move on.  Our plan is to head towards the Grand Canyon in Arizona today.  Goodbye Vegas!  What happens in Vegas, stays here. 😉          


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