Exploring Los Angeles some more

  I said I’d post more about what we’ve been doing in Los Angeles… there’s too much to see and do here.  🙂

On Sunday we hired bicycles and went cycling from Marina Del Rey to Santa Monica Pier.  We didn’t plan it but we joined thousands of other cyclists in something called Ciclavia. The streets were closed to cars and only open for cyclists and there were many, many cyclists!  I’ve never seen so many bicycles in one place at the same time!  It was quite a thrill! Some people even had their dogs in a backpack or in a basket in the front of their bikes! Makes me miss our pups.

After our bike ride the guys swam in the sea and Donné and I relaxed under our umbrella-ella-ella on the beach.  

 When we landed in LA we went to an AT&T store to get a sim card and airtime.  It was cheaper to buy a phone and airtime than just buying airtime. Anyway, while we were there we asked the friendly AT&T guy what there is to do in Los Angeles.  He thought for a bit and then his only suggestion of what to do in the whole of LA city was to go to ‘In & Out’ for burgers.  We thought this was a strange suggestion but we’ve since realized that In & Out really have amazing burgers for good prices and they are apparently only found in California. 

After we dropped Babak off at the airport on Sunday evening Donné took us to one of her favourite places; a roof-top bar, Perch, in the Downtown area.  The big city lights look real pretty from up there.

We were thinking of going to Disney Land today but it’s $100 for one ticket, excluding parking.  (Parking seems like it’s always quite a mission in LA!) And it’s still school holidays so the park is bound to be really busy. Ain’t nobody got time to wait in lines all day! So we skipped Mickey Mouse and opted to rather spend the money on food. 😉  

We went to see the Tar Pits which are natural tar wells located in the middle of the city.  The whole site smells like wet tar and methane. (Not very pleasant.) The tar forms as a result of a by-product from all the oil which is abundant under the LA ground.  Historically many animals got trapped in these tar pits and there are many fossils which were found in the tar on display in the museum on site.  I’ve never heard of natural tar wells so it was interesting.  

We also walked passed famous street lights, called urban light… It’s now an art piece consisting of a lot of street lamps but they used to really light up the LA streets back in the 1920’s.

Ooh, in Whittier there’s a restaurant Donnè took us to called The Bottle Room.  It sells many craft beers but the thing I want to rave about are their burgers!  I think it’s probably thee tastiest burger I’ve ever had.  The patty was done to perfection and was covered in swiss and blue cheese with sweet potato fries on the side. Hmmmm!

Thank you to Donné for a great Los Angeles experience! (And lots of food and exercise.) Tomorrow we’re heading off on a road trip to Vegas!  Maybe we’ll strike the jackpot. 🙂



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