A Grand Canyon Moment

  It was bigger and grander than what I expected it to be! 

It was quite a privilege that we got to see and experience the great Grand Canyon.  I tried to soak up the breathtaking view, the pine tree smell and the hot canyon air.  I had to make sure I take it all in… the Grand Canyon…wow! 

There weren’t so many people which was nice.  We walked about 10km along the canyon rim.  Besides for the awesome view, we saw many inquisitive squirrels, lizards and enjoyed the information boards and rocks on display along the walking path.  I think the squirrels like having their picture taken because they seem to pose in perfect positions for a photograph. (like ol’ Nutty in the top picture.)  

The food in the park was really expensive so we shared an R80 packet of nacho cheese Doritos for breakfast and lunch.  There are many water stations along the way where you can fill up your water bottle with fresh spring water- so we didn’t dehydrate.  

The Grand Canyon… A very memorable moment!  
 “Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come so appreciate what you have now and enjoy your life today.” 

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