Our Inca trail is starting early


The juice at the San Pedros market is so fresh! You can choose whatever fruit you want and they freshly squeeze it for you. We met up with our german friends at the market. They have just finished their Inca trail and said it was an awesome experience.

San Pedros Market is a local market which sells juice, food, souvenirs, scarfs, hats and much more. There are about 20 juice stores all offering the exact same product at the exact same price and everyone calls you to buy at their stall. We chose the lady with the friendliest face.

We were really craving nachos so we googled “nachos in cusco.” Jack’s cafe had good internet ratings and it was a 2 minute walk from where we were! Yum! We can highly recommend Jack’s cafe and their nachos! The place was buzzing and also not too expensive.

We climbed to the top of the tower of the Inca Pachakuteq, the most famous Inca. We used our Boleto Turistico ticket again. This tower is much better than the other museums and the english is actually understandable.

So, to get to the title of the post…. I told you we got an email about a possible regional strike happening tomorrow. Well, it’s unfortunately definitely happening. But it’s not a big deal because we are leaving for the Inca trail tonight! At 10pm- that’s in one hour! The tour company, Llama path, has arranged a bus to fetch us now. We will drive 3 hours and then camp at the start of the trail.

I’m not sure what the strike is about, sounds like it has something to do with the transport system here. Luckily we still get to do the Inca trail…it’s even being lengthened a bit. We met the other 14 trekkers in our group and they seem interesting and friendly.

We will be offline for the next 4 days. I will update you when we get back! 🙂




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1 Response to Our Inca trail is starting early

  1. jane says:

    Cooool. !!! Eks so bly die staking het nie julle staptog beinvloed nie. !!! Gooi mielies en hi Jack!! Hehhe

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