Back from the Inka Trail

What an incredible experience we had! The Inka trail was unforgettable! We are completely exhausted and in need of a shower. My legs are dreading having to climb the stone stairs up to our hostel later… But the trek was so worth it!

We are in Llama Path’s bus now on our way back to Cuzco. Most of my fellow group members are asleep.(or rather passed out after the long day).

I don’t have too much energy remaining either but just wanted to let you know that we have successfully completed the Inka trail and we reached Macchu Picchu safely. It was really amazing!

We have a lot more stories about our trek but right now we need to re-cooperate.

I’ll end off with what Safas, a Greek guy in our group, said today while climbing the last mountain: (He has a deep voice with an almost Arnold-Swatzernager-like accent.)

“I’ll be dreaming about steps my whole life now.”

I’m sure that’s true for anyone who has done the Inka Trail!


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4 Responses to Back from the Inka Trail

  1. jane says:

    Hahahha. Hoeveel trappe was daar. ????? Jy moes maar op n Llama se rug gespring het. !!!!!! Wow. Eks so trots op julle. !!! Julle het my lewensdroom verwesenlkik. !!!!ek wou van jongs af Macchu Picchu toe. !!!!dis so amazing. !!!! Hoeveel was in julle groep. !!!!! En wat het julle geEet ???? Het julle darem warm geslaap??? Lekker rus !!!!

  2. Nice post! I definitely want to see Machu Picchu but doing the trail is pretty outside my budget. Did you come across others that did it inexpensively? Or, would the experience of just doing a day trip to see it still be well worth it? Thanks!

    • jam says:

      Hi, doing the whole Inka trail was so worth it because you not only have a feeling of amazement when you see Machupicchu but also a feeling of accomplishment! I went and asked a travel agency in Cuzco about other options. You can only get to Machupicchu by hiking or by train to Aguas Caliantes. There are alternative hiking trails which are cheaper than the Inca trail and also end in Machupicchu. You also don’t have to book them so long in advance. (We booked the Inka trail 6 months in advance.) the travel agent we spoke to recommended the Jungle trek which includes a few adventure activities, transport and accommodation for about a third of the price we paid for the Inka trail. (About $220 for 4 days and 3 nights.) You only need to book this 2 days in advance. Besides the alternate trails there is a train you can take from Cuzco that’s quite expensive.(about $200). The cheapest option but not neccessarily the best or most memorable would be to take a bus to Ollantaytambo. Then take the train to Aguas Caliantes from there…

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