South America is Huge

South America sounds similar to South Africa, right?  So, many people seem to think that they are more or less the same size as well.  (I know the one is a continent and the other is a country but I must say I hadn’t given it too much thought before either.)

I phoned our medical aid lady today to tell her about our plans to go to South America soon.  She asked: “Where in South America?”  “Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.” I replied.  She responded with “O, nice, all the cities in South America!”…. They are not cities! Each name I mentioned is a freakin’ country!  I don’t blame her or anything. It also made me realize again that South America is really big. If you have a look at the map….. we are planning to do a whole lot of traveling. It takes 12 hours to drive from P.E to Joburg!

South Africa is big....  but see how small it looks compared to South America!

South Africa is big…. but see how small it looks compared to South America!

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4 Responses to South America is Huge

  1. Linley says:

    I’m busy grappling with the same thought as well. My husband and I are going to South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos) in December for a month. Don’t know if it’s enough time to fully experience four entire countries?

  2. jam says:

    That is also a whole lot of travelling for 4 weeks! It probably depends what you want to do. You could visit 1 place in each of those countries perhaps?….. We were in Thailand for 2 weeks and I could easily have stayed longer!

  3. Marion says:

    Hi Janny… I am sure that you must really be looking forward to seeing all of those South American Countries. I travelled through them just recently when looking for information to complete my book and they all sound like the most fascinating countries to visit. For a start, South American countries have the most bird species, and I am to be corrected but I think insects too. The most poisonous variety of insects, reptiles and flowers which are also very colourful…. The ancient ruins will surely fascinate you even those most of them have gory histories…. and as long as you stay away from their drug trade (of which some people have been known to be carriers of them without realizing it) then you are bound to come back gushing about the rain forests, the Amazon and Pantanal regions. I would love to visit the South American countries myself because it sounds just out of this world. One favour please. Take as much video footage as you possibly can from their famous annacondas, pirana, Jaguar, colourful parrots, ruins, beaches and everything interesting that you see….. maybe with your help I can make my book come alive on the silver screen ♫☻.☼ ♦ ♪ – By the way I am sure that you will find your passion… you are doing the right thing.

  4. Linley says:

    Here’s a cool link to put country maps in perspective. Very interesting

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