Honey-Drizzled Chicken Breasts

Honey drizzled chicken breasts and steamed vegies

Needed: Frying pan, 2 tablespoons butter, garlic salt, Cayenne pepper, Meat tenderizer, 4 chicken breasts, honey


Turn stove to medium heat and allow plate to reach stable temperature before starting.
Melt butter.
Place chicken in pan. Sprinkle some meat tenderizer and garlic salt and allow chicken to cook on that side for about 3 minutes.(you must be able to see that half of the meat has turned white)
Turn the breasts around. Sprinkle meat tenderizer and Cayenne Pepper on that side. Allow to cook on that side for also about 3 minutes.
Turn chicken breasts around, put some honey on top, cook for about 1 minute then turn breasts around. Add more honey. To make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked, cut open 1 breast to check.

Serve with steamed vegetables and feta. Pour any remaining sauce over chicken breasts.

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