History Lesson in Washington DC

  Freedom is not free…

During the last three days we’ve learnt so much about American history and past American presidents. There’s so much info but I’ll just briefly mention the famous presidents whose monuments we visited: George Washington was the first president in 1789 and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Jefferson was the 3rd president and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. According to me, Abraham Lincoln has the most beautiful memorial. He was the president during the civil war and he was assassinated 100 years before JF Kennedy was assassinated. My favourite presidential memorial is that of Rooseveldt but that’s because his statue is of him and his scotty dog. I also liked his quotes about war and peace. He was the president during world war 2.  
Next year America votes for a new president and Barack Obama is not allowed to stand again because they are not allowed more than 2 consecutive terms. Hillary Clinton is a popular candidate for the democratic party. Donald Trump is one of the republican candidates although he doesn’t seem to be very popular amongst the people. I’m not a fan of politics so that’s it for my political discussion.

The Museum of National History is the most amazing museum we’ve ever been to. You could really spend a whole day just in that museum! Most of DC’s museums have no cover charge. We also watched a mind blowing 3D IMax show at the museum. 

There are so many statues, monuments, important and beautiful buildings in DC. I expected the White House to be a bit bigger though or just more impressive. When we were at the Martin Luther King Junior Memorial they were having an American citizenship ceremony.
We stayed at the Baron Hotel in Dupont Circle. The area has nice restaurants and cute shops. At this one place you walk in, pay for a canvas and then you paint!  They also sell drinks or “liquid inspiration” as they called it. I thought that was such a nice idea. I also loved this one bookstore who had a guy singing and playing guitar.
We’re now on the China Town bus on our way to Philadelphia. It was almost a quarter of the price than the popular Amtrak train! It was on time and it’s not uncomfortable. 

Goodbye DC! Thanks for the history lesson! 

” I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” — Abraham Lincoln



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