Walking Amongst Giants

The trees we encountered were so gigantic we drove our car through one of them! It was so exciting that we drove through that tree twice!  

I could hardly believe how tall some of those trees were! They’ve been around for quite some time… If they could speak, I wonder what they would say? The Redwood Forest is so thick and dense. The trees even block out a lot of the sunlight.  

The massive trees had such a calming effect on me. It was so pretty and relaxing traveling for miles on a road with tall, gigantic trees on either side. Except on Friday night when it was already 11pm and we didn’t have place to stay yet…that wasn’t so relaxing…we almost slept on the side of the road in the car….but we eventually found a place…we really appreciated that bed! 
The local people have made interesting tree carvings and tourist attractions along the roads all along the Redwood Forest region. There were even whole little houses inside tree trunks! 

 The trees are very beautiful and walking and driving amongst them felt like soul therapy. 

   “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is today.”  – Chinese proverb

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