We weren’t in a very touristic mood during our stay in Sucre. Besides for the Dinosaur Park, we didn’t make an effort to do any of the other touristic activities.

You could go quad biking and there are various hikes and cycling routes you could do. There are many museums if you are interested but we only went into one. It was one with many traditional masks on display and entrance was free. The masks are used during native celebrations and are a mixture of human-like faces with feathers and different types of animal features. Inside the museum there was only silence, darkness and the masks. There were 3 rooms with about 10 big masks in each room with light shining on them. We were the only people there and the masks were staring at us and luring us to wear them and give them life. It was too freaky so we quickly made our way out.

Sucre has many beautiful white buildings and their main plaza has many comfortable benches under big shady trees. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of chocolate shops just selling different types of chocolate!

We have heard of a few people who are traveling for an extended period of time who stay in Sucre for a few weeks to relax and to take Spanish lessons by one of the many schools offering this.

We discovered a mall with movie theaters. We bought 2 tickets for Elysium which stars Matt Damon. On the poster advertising the movie it had the Spanish word for “subtitles” written on it. But this might mean that the movie is in Spanish with Spanish subtitles like the movies on the bus. When the movie started and it was in English we were so excited!:)

Elysium was a very good movie. It was written and directed by a guy born in South Africa, Neill Blomkamp. If you don’t like District 9 you probably won’t like this movie either. The South African actor which has the lead role in District 9 also plays one of the main parts in Elysium. At times he really over exaggerates his South African accent. It’s a bit embarrassing when he starts singing “Jan Pierawiet,” a traditional afrikaans song! We really enjoyed the movie and it was nice that it had some “South Africanism” in it. Made us miss our country and our people!


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    Chocolate understands…

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