Dinosaur Footprints in Sucre


Here we are in Sucre, Bolivia. It’s a pretty city with lots of white buildings. We still need to do some exploring…

We are staying at the top of the city in Casa de Tronco which is run by a friendly family. Ebo, the man in charge, told us that he was born in Germany, grew up in Austria and he is now decaying in Bolivia. That sounded quite funny!

Ebo told as about a restaurant in the city center which have their own micro-brewery. So that is the first place we went to. We met up with Mark and Julie again and had a good time chatting and tasting some locally brewed beer. The honey flavoured one was my favourite!

We had all heard about the dinosaur footprints near Sucre. Some people have told us it’s really interesting and others have said its not worth it. Marc and I were both big dinosaur fans when we were younger. Mark and Julie were going to check out the footprints so we joined them. We took a taxi for 60 Bolivianos for the four of us and headed off to Sucre’s Dinosaur Park. It took about 20 minutes to get there from the city center.

I didn’t have high expectations so I enjoyed it. I actually thought we were just going to go to a dirt road and see a hole which could resemble a footprint, so it was better than one single muddy footprint. The park is very small and there is not too much to do. There is a fun dino play area for children. The footprints were very far away but there where many of them and also many different types.

They discovered the footprints coincidently when a cement factory was digging out limestone rocks. It clearly looks like footprints and our guide pointed out the different dinosaur species each set of prints belonged to. The dinosaur statues and sound effects made the viewing of the tracks much more exciting! Thank you, Mark and Julie for taking pictures!

Are these tracks actual dinosaur footprints from thousands of years ago? I’m not sure. If someone did fake it they did a pretty good job.



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