1,2,3 Let’s Blaze Birthday Party

1,2,3 Leeet’s Blaze! That was the theme of Leo’s 3rd Birthday Party we held this year. I made a Blaze chocolate mud cake which you saw on the previous post. When he saw the cake for the first time his eyes lit up and he studied the cake with an amazed smile on his face for about 15 minutes.

Ouma Jane bought Blaze cookies! Leo cherished those cookies. Luckily he didn’t have a problem letting his friends also have a cookie each. He even took one to school for his teacher on the Monday. The last cookie he held in his hand like it was a precious treasure.

Another highlight was our homemade Blaze Piñata! Leo, Marc and I made the piñata 2 weeks before his party and Leo just couldn’t wait to smash his piñata. Thankfully we had another piñata which my sister gave me so that Leo could smash his piñata by himself and his friends could smash the other one. He did share the sweets which fell out when it was eventually totally bashed.

Leo had a big helium Blaze balloon and a big number 3 balloon which were still floating around our house until yesterday. Ouma Dakkie managed to find a Blaze banner at China Mall. We also had party packs and served boerewors rolls and Dakkie’s yummy milk tarts. It was a really fun birthday weekend.

Now Leo is already counting down the days to his 4th birthday!

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