Corporate Iron Man in Port Elizabeth 2017

Jy’s my batman, superman, IRONMAN….

I did it! I got the medal!  Marc, Pete and I took part in the Port Elizabeth Corporate Ironman 2017.  It’s a tenth of the big Ironman…  It was pretty intense for me, especially the cycling part of the race!  It felt as if I was cycling uphill against the blasting PE wind for a really long time while everyone else just cruised past me.

Last year My brother did the big Ironman… A 3,8km sea swim, 180km cycle and a marathon run (42km). Here’s last year’s Ironman 2016 post. This year he decided to sprint the Corporate.  Pete did very well, and him and Dr.Eric came in 9th and 10th place.  They were actually supposed to race against each other but they ended up crossing the finish line holding hands…well, that’s what it looks like in the photos.  I have no desire to attempt the full ironman… that looks way too intense.  One really needs A LOT of perseverance, stamina and a bit of madness for that.  

The Corporate Ironman was quite fun to do and it gave me a reason to do some training even when I was actually too tired or lazy.  It seems like I need a challenge like that to get me moving!  Marc and I entered for the Corporate early in the year already because the places fill up quickly.

Besides for the Ironman, we went to the beach, beershack and “kuiered” with family and friends.

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