Our American Adventure Begins


 We are in Los Angeles! Whoohoo! We’re now lying down (really exhausted) on a nice comfy bed in Donné’s apartment. We’ve been in America for only a few hours and we’ve already eaten beef jerky, turkey jerky, a corn dog, authentic tacos and had Pepsi and one of Babak’s favourite American beers. Marc has done a really good job driving on the “right” side of the road in our rental car. Security were friendly at customs at the airport and when they saw we’re from South Africa they asked if we have biltong in our bags. You’re not allowed to bring in biltong. (I think they hoped that we did have biltong so that they could “confiscate” it 😉 – We didn’t have any.)

It ‘s been a looong journey to get here! 22 hours in the air as well as hours on the ground.
We booked into the FNB Slow Lounge before our flight and it was so worth it! (Thank you, Carol.) We could relax, charge our phones, help ourselves to snacks and drinks and we even got a massage at the mini on-site spa! Very spoilt!  
After the “rich-life” in the slow lounge we were squashed like sardines in the middle isle in economy class of Virgin Atlantic Airways to London. At least the 2 ladies that sat with us in our row were nice, quiet and thin. Even though we booked in early, we were so bummed when we heard we could have booked in (and have gone to the slow lounge) earlier, that we completely forgot to ask for window seats. Luckily from London to Los Angeles we sat next to a window! It was so cool to hear the pilot and air-hostesses all speak like they do in Harry Potter. (With a British accent.) We laughed when we were served mash and peas because that’s exactly what we thought a typical British meal would be. It was a cloudy day in London and we hardly even got to breathe any London air because we just waited in terminal 3 for our next flight. 

It’s wonderfully warm here in Los Angeles. Time to sleep now!  


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