Long Island with the Wolf Pack

  “To love another person is to see the face of God.”– From Les Misérables

Adam and Lisa took us to the most amazing broadway show; Les Misérables!  (Even though they’ve seen the play so many times that they could have performed it, word for word, for us in their kitchen.)  Les Mis was incredibly good!  I loved it!  It was sad, funny, deep, thought-provoking and so entertaining. And the lighting and props made every scene look like art from the French Revolution.  And the quality of the music and singing was so, so good…I feel like words are insufficient to describe how much I enjoyed the whole experience.

A day after the concert, while we were in Long Island, my brother phoned to say our Granny Iris had just passed away.  I’m comforted by the fact that when she passed she was with my aunty and uncle, who have been taking care of her.  That is what she wanted because she didn’t want to be alone.  Every death of a loved one stirs something inside you, even when you know they were 92 years old and lived a long life.  We will miss you, Granny. xxx

We had such good food with the Wolf pack!  It was Jordan’s birthday on the Tuesday when we arrived so we joined the family at a really smart restaurant to celebrate.  Another night we had homemade burgers and wine.  We used our Vivino app (which tells you the wine’s rating and price) on the bottle of wine (after opening it) and discovered that it was certainly not your average bottle of wine.  For breakfast the one morning Adam gave us a demonstration on how to eat bagels with salmon and cream cheese…yummmy! Did you know that bagels are first boiled then baked!? 

On the day the trains weren’t working we explored the Huntington area a bit.  Marc enjoyed throwing the kids around in the pool and we played tetherball for the first time.  I also discovered crispy M&Ms…luckily for my waistline I don’t think we have them in South Africa.

Thank you so much to the Wolf Pack Family for an absolutely awesome and unforgetable time in New York!  We were really, really spoilt! xxx

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”



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