That’s a wrap! – A Healthy Egg Wrap

IMG_3828.JPGSo, you’ve probably heard of the Tim Noakes Diet and “banting.” It seems like the latest dieting craze but apparently this way of eating was prescribed for weight loss by medical professionals for 100 years since 1861. It was first prescribed to WiIliam Banting, an English undertaker who suffered from obesity. Since then eating a diet low in carbs was known as banting. Professor Tim Noakes recently revived this way of eating. The well-known Atkins diet differs to banting in that banting does not encourage as much protein intake.

Anyway, we are currently not banting (although we are forever going to start eating more healthily tomorrow), but this egg wrap is the type of thing one could eat on the banting diet. Instead of a wrap made from refined carbs you make the wrap from eggs.

IMG_3819-1.JPGHow to make the Wraps
Crack 2 eggs into a shaker.(for every wrap you want to make)
Pour mixture onto a well-buttered frying pan on medium heat.
Spread into thin, even layer as if making a pancake.
Carefully flip to cook other side.

Filling for the wraps
Chopped up meat from last night’s braai. (We used steak and boerewors and we heated the chopped meat in the pan and added some Spur meat basting sauce.)
Chopped onion and tomato
Sweet-chilli sauce

Put the filling onto the open egg wrap then fold…
And that’s a wrap! A delicious breakfast (or anytime) wrap! 🙂




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