South African Chakalaka Boerewors Rolls


When we were in South America this is one South African food we really craved: Boerewors rolls! We had chori-pan which is similar but not quite the same. So one of the first things on our menu back in RSA were these boerewors rolls. If you live in South Africa these ingredients are real easy to get hold of and the sauce is easy to make and turns an ordinary boerewors roll into a gourmet meal…

What you need:

Boerewors – easy to buy if you are in South Africa, if you want to make your own boerewors here’s a link for boerewors recipe. Otherwise you can use any sausage or chorizo


For the sauce:
Chakalaka 215g (small can)- a South African salsa bought in cans, here is a recipe if you want to make your own
Baked Beans in tomato sauce 225g can
Mango achar 100g



Preferably, braai the boerewors. Add sauce ingredients to small pot and heat on stove. Allow everyone to assemble their own boerewors roll. Enjoy!


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