South African Ice Cream Pudding


My mom makes this ice-cream pudding when we go visit. It is impossible to resist!

This is a simple and absolutely delicious pudding especially for someone with a sweet tooth. It sounds like effort but it’s actually quite easy to make. Just be sure you start making it at least 8 hours before your guests arrive because of all the freezing required. Rather make it a day or 2 before the time.

Warning: Do not eat this or even make this if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight! It is too delicious.

22 Romany cream biscuits (rolled into crumbs)
2 tins Caramel Treat
2 liter vanilla ice-cream
3 tablespoons margerine
1 Chocolate flake
Rectangular container (about 32cm x 22cm)

Put biscuits in a Ziploc plastic bag to crush.
Melt Margerine and mix with crushed biscuits in a container. Press mixture flat (about 1cm thick) in rectangular container. Freeze layer.

Allow 1 liter ice-cream to soften a bit and spread over Romany Cream layer. Freeze Again.

Spread Caramel on top of this layer. Freeze again.

Allow the other 1 liter of ice-cream to soften a bit and spread over frozen caramel layer. Allow to freeze.

Serve frozen with Flake sprinkled on top.

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