Harry Potter & the Little Treasure -Baby Shower

We were supposedly going to braai at Nobis and Danie’s place on Saturday evening… Meanwhile, our family and friends sneakily organized a surprise baby shower for us!
I read all the Harry Potter books last year, which I really enjoyed. So, being a newly converted “pot-head” (Harry Potter fan), it was pretty awesome that the theme of the party was Harry Potter, or, to be more precise, Harry Potter and the Little Treasure. Very original idea! The decor and food all went with the theme… Owl cupcakes, pumpkins and soup in black cauldrons, gold coins, chocolate wands, BB-every-flavour-beans, an owl nappy cake, floating envelopes, brooms, and even a moaning Myrtle on the toilet! When we arrived, the magical sorting hat was placed on our heads… Marc was in HufflePuff (shame!) and I was put in Ravenclaw (woohoo!). Even Chilli and Rex got Griffindor bandanas put around their neck! My sister said she had to go through this ‘arrival skit’ a couple of times before Proffessor McGonagall and Proffessor Sybill Trelawney (our mothers) were confident with their roles. (I’ve posted the ‘script’ at the bottom of this article.)

I was so surprised to see everyone! Especially family that came from far! It was such a fun and special evening and we (and our little unborn treasure) were very, very spoilt. We received such cute baby clothes, toys, blankets and accessories!  How fortunate we are to have such incredible friends and family!

Thank you so much to everyone for making such a memorable and magical baby shower for us! Thank you too for all the presents we received! Also, thank you too to the people who weren’t at the event but sent presents and helped with the decor. It was such an amazingly special evening. Now we wait with great excitement for the little treasure to arrive… 😊
The Briefing ….

cue Antonie to start Harry Potter music. Marcus and Janny enter

Linley: A warm welcome to Hogwarts new first year parents 

Marcus and Janny are welcomed into the wizarding world of Harry Potter by fellow family and friends. 

Carol robes Marcus, and Jane robes Janny

Linley: Now the new first year parents will be sorted into their respective houses. Professor McGonagall the sorting hat please 

Carol places sorting hat on Marcus’ head and steps away
Linley: Hmm…Loyal, fair, honest, and tough- you belong to hmmm Hufflepuff! 

Carol places yellow Hufflepuff scarf on Marcus, with warm cheers from fellow friends and family

Linley: Professor Sybil the sorting hat please 
Jane places hat on Janny and steps away

Linley: Well now. Curious, reliable, a modest know-it-all- you belong to… Ravenclaw! 

Jane places blue Ravenclaw scarf on Janny, with warm cheers from fellow friends and family
Linley: Now, to sort the half bloods. 

Lionel places sorting hat on his head and holds Chilli and Rex

Linley: To the brother and sister. Brave, and true, in heart and paw- you both belong to… Gryffindor!

Jane and Carol place Gryffindor scarves on Chilli and Rex, with warm cheers from fellow family and friends

Linley: Mad Eye will now say a few words  

cue Lionel

Linley: Now all that’s left is to feast…so let the feast begin.

I see some of the photos are strangely small…I’m not sure how that happened!?

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