Camping at Korannaberg

   “There is a treasure hidden in every moment.  The joy of life is finding it.” -Katrina Meyer 🌻
  It’s so nice when one discovers a beautiful place close to home.  We will definitely go camping at Koranna Getaway again! 

It took us less than an hour to get to the bush-camp.  We were the only people camping there the weekend which made it even more peaceful and relaxing. We were all prepared with spade and all for bush squats but were pleasantly surprized to find a luxurious flushing toilet in the bush! The shower also gets warm water when the camp fire is lit…well, it didn’t really work for us, but the cold showers were refreshing. (And made us appreciate the warm shower when we got home.)  
    The first night Hannes pulled a “Nou gan ons braai” move and we ate at about 10:30pm. But the chicken and sweet potatoes were really very yummy.😊  We ate such delicious food the whole weekend!

We went hiking in search of the two waterfalls on the Saturday.  We found little streams of water trickling down the rocks. I’m sure after some good rain the waterfalls must look amazing.
  There were baboons which seemed to keep a careful watch on us from their look-out points on the rocks in the mountains.  Their “baaaah” screams were quite intimidating, but we showed them why we dominate the top of the food chain by screaming back at them with even louder and deeper “baaahs.” I’m sure they were very afraid!😉

Early in the mornings we heard the deep, distant roars of lions. (No, we didn’t try to roar back at them.) There were so many pretty butterflies flying around in the field, as well as many different insect noises and birds chirping.  

We were lucky to have had amazing weather! And that nobody got badly injured…Marc gave us all a fright… While he was packing away our tent, he quietly and gracefully fell down the ditch into the thorn bush! We had to saw off branches of the bush to get him out but besides for a few scratches he was fine.

It was a very lekker weekend getaway.  Here’s Koranna Getaway’s email address if you would like to camp there.  For people living in Ladybrand it’s really conveniently close!  

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