MSC Sinfonia Family Cruise

Cruise, Eat, Sleep, Repeat….

We’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time… I can’t believe it’s already over!  

While the Sinfonia cruised from Durban’s harbour to Mozambique’s Portuguese Island, we ate, watched shows, ate, played Bingo, explored the ship, slept and ate some more. One restaurant (and the same Italian chef) continuously made pizzas from about 6:30 in the morning till 12 at night! Another reataurant made burgers and chips.  Then there was a buffet with all different sorts of food and a more fancy, formal restaurant where you could place your order from a waiter.  We ate curries, cake, cheese, squid, octopus, fish, pasta and lots of fresh fruit.  We’re all planning on starting a new diet tomorrow after all that eating!

There were 2100 passengers on the ship along with 600 crew members! Steve Hofmeyer was also on the ship! We spotted him at immigrations when embarking and then I think he probably went into hiding because none of us saw him again. (Not that we were on the look out for him anyway.)

None of us suffered from severe sea sickness… which was good!  Some queasiness here and there, but I don’t think it can all be blamed just on the sea.  The ocean was especially rough on the Friday night and had everyone walking in zigzags.  The theater is in the front of the ship and you can really feel the boat rocking in there!  That made me feel nauseous.  The shows were very good.  I was most impressed by three Zimbabwean guys doing stunts… They must be crazy strong and flexible to do all the things they can do.  Steven, the cruise director, is also hilariously funny.

It was perfect, sunny weather for a day at the beach when we got to the island.  Some of us were taken to the island from the ship with a small speed boat… It was quite a ride! We were all holding onto each other while the anxious 9 year old boy with us in the boat was saying his last prayers. (He was cute and a bit melodramatic but the ride was pretty scary.). At the island we swam in the warm sea water, drank local beer and fresh coconuts and ate some more!  We saw dolphins too!  We made sure we all returned to the ship on the bigger passenger boat… After all that beer and food another adventure ride might not have been as much fun.

Pete and Marc drank cocktails which tasted like mouth wash. (But were probably triple the price of a bottle of mouth wash.) My mom had her obligatory margarita which was apparently very yummy and enjoyable.  We didn’t win bingo but we did win some quizzes and raffles! (I didn’t personally win anything, but if your family wins you’re a winner too, right!?)

I think everyone had a really good time on the ship.  It was a very enjoyable and unforgettable long weekend.  So, now it’s time to plan our next big family get away!😊

If you are considering booking a special on the Sinfonia Cruise ship…do it.  It’s really very enjoyable.  Some recommendations: Book early and ask for a cabin with a window. (Alternatively, wait for last minute deals-they are the cheapest.) Pack light: casual clothes during the day, something a bit more formal for supper (long pants/jeans and closed shoes for the men), slip-slops, your swimming costume, sunglasses, cap, sunblock and a long sleeve top.(I didn’t even use mine though.). Take a small day bag to carry things onto the island and to use the last night when your suitcase is already away for disembarkment.  They give you towels, there are hairdryers, shower gel and shampoo in the showers.  There is a shop that sells general stuff like a toothbrush and tooth paste if you happen to forget yours. If you are really afraid of sea sickness take one anti-nausea tablet (like Cinnarizine) 2 hours before getting on the ship. There are nausea tablets available on the ship too.  For most of the time there is no cellphone signal, unless you have international roaming activated. Do not forget your passport! (Forget anything else.) Everything on the ship is in American dollars(sigh), but you pay with your cruise card so you don’t need to take any actual dollars. There are two-point plugs in the rooms.  Take some rands to buy beer and crafts from the local people on Portuguese island.  Something to hang your cruise card around your neck is quite useful if your clothes don’t have pockets.


   “Let your dreams set sail!”

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  1. Marion Baars says:

    The pictures tell a lovely story of your family holiday.

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