Vietnamese Rice Wraps


A few if us went to an asian cooking class presented by Chef Lauren.  She taught us how to make sweet-chilli sauce, bread dough, dim sums and these Vietnamese wraps.  We also learnt about not stirring sugar mixtures, that yeast is an organism that farts and that the potency of one clove of garlic is the same regardless of size. (I do think that Petrus and Chrisna’s garlic might be the exception to this rule though- they grow mutant garlic!)

Anyway, I made the Vietnamese Rice Wraps by myself the very next day again.  (Thanks to Maggie for the coriander!) I had a few flops and breakages but they tasted great.  It makes a really interesting and yummy starter.

How to make the Rice Wraps:

You need:

1. A filling  – You could probably fill these rice wrappers with almost anything!  We used Coriander, Fresh Mint leaves, Basil Pesto, yellow and red peppers, cucumber, onions, carrots, salt, pepper, and some lime cordial.
2. Round Rice Paper wraps (found at a store selling Chinese/Asian food)
3. Warm Water in a large container

Cut your veggies into strips and make a salad with your fillings.  Add lime cordial and seasoning. Soak the rice paper (one at a time) in warm water for about 1 minute, then take it out and put on a clean surface.  Put some filling on the wet paper. Fold the left and right sides of the rice wrapper around the filling and then roll like a pancake. Don’t make them too floppy.  They break quite easily and it takes a bit of practice getting them right.  You can then cut them diagonally for display purposes. Serve with sweet chilli-sauce.

When you’re in cooking class, would “the dog ate my homework” be a viable excuse!?


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