Going for the Yeard (year long beard)


On the 2nd of march this year Marc’s beard has officially been growing for 6 months. Halfway towards the majestic yeard! It was initially known as “the travel beard” because the process started during our travels through South America. Many travelers grow beards. You can roughly judge how long a man has been backpacking by the length of his beard. Now, even though we are no longer backpacking, the beard remains and it’s still growing strong.



The beard really gets a lot of attention. Wherever we go friends and strangers comment on the beard. Marc has been told he looks like Moses, Osama, the Bearded Wonder, Jesus, some Russian leader, a moegoe and various other names which I can’t think of right now. Our muslim neighbour told Marc he looks like a muslim.


Here are some words on growing a beard from the man himself:
Contrary to popular belief,you actually get far more positive attention than negative criticism about your beard.
People don’t recognize you.
Growing a beard teaches you patience.
It is your right and privelage as a man to grow a beard, use it.


Marc’s Beard Grooming tips:
Buy a beard comb
Wash your beard regularly
Condition your beard at least once a week
You can use hair gel to shape it
Shave your neck to look neater throughout the growing process
Push through the itchy phase, it will soon pass
Dont delay, start growing your beard today

Here are some funny beard pics I found on the web:






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2 Responses to Going for the Yeard (year long beard)

  1. john says:

    Now you look like a real voortrekker! John

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