Tribute to a Great Grandfather

Life is not permanent, and it’s this fragility which makes it so precious.

Marc’s grandpa, Mr.Pieter Coetzee, better known to all of us, his children, grandchildren and great grandson as “Oupie,” passed away peacefully on Friday, 25th October 2013.

I knew him as friendly, talkative and very lovable. He would never neglect to tell the people close to him that he loves them and he always made me feel like I belonged in his family.

I remember seeing him get quite worked up a couple of times while watching rugby. He also really enjoyed telling stories about his youth (often the same ones) and Oumie Chrissie had to fill in the correct names if he had frustratingly forgotten them. He was passionate about garden-work and was always thinking and working on ideas to make the garden look more beautiful. I’ve seen some pretty cool wooden crafts that he made, like a chess table and a pretty birdhouse. I have also been fortunate to taste his famous spare-ribs! Very yummy!

Oupie made me feel very welcome every time we visited. He treated me as if I was his own granddaughter. Marc and I and will truly miss him a lot and his memory lives on…

The following was written by Marc and was read at Oupie’s Memorial service:


You have always been there for the most important events and parts of my life.

Your unconditional love for me has been one of the greatest reasons why I am the person I am today, and your unconditional love for my wife has made her feel like she has always been part of the family.

You never had a shortage of smiles, hugs and kisses and we will miss that.

There is a hole in my heart now that you have left and it can never be filled. You will always be remembered by the people you loved and who love you.

Thank you for being so special, for being part of everything that is important in our lives, and we will miss you.


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5 Responses to Tribute to a Great Grandfather

  1. Chrissie Coetzee says:

    Ag Janny, dit is SO mooi en spesiaal, baie dankie! Lief vir julle 💚💚x x

  2. jane says:

    aijaiaji. die trane stroom nou……dis so waar…die bietjie wat ek hom geken het kon ek sien hoe lief hy vir julle is en hoe trots hy op julle is…hy was so trots daai dag op julle troue.. ja daar sal altyd n leemte in julle harte wees, maar onthou hy het altyd geweet julle is ook lief vir hom.. .ai, ek verlang so na my eie pa en my grootste wens is altyd dat hy langer kon gelewe het om ook julle kinders te geken het..hy sou so trots op julle gewees het..en hy sou julle so liefgehad het en julle vir hom….ek is baie lief vir julle almal en julle maak my die trotste moeder ooit…niks wat ek ooit in my hele lewe gedoen het, maak my so trots as om te se dat ek julle ma is nie….julle is my trots….vir ewig en altyd..,,…

  3. Yvonne Snyman says:

    Pragtige woorde en so mooi en waar oor Oom Piet. Dankie dat julle dit met ons deel!

  4. Carol fook says:


  5. Corne says:

    Jy kon dit nie beter opgesom het nie, ag en toe ek Marcus se brief lees toe pik ek self ‘n paar trane.

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