Recommendation letter for a Rock

Dr. Klip

Dr. Klip

A collegue told me on my last day at work that our boss will not be able to write me a letter of recommendation because I suck too much. I was shocked, confused and offended because I generally work quite hard and get along well with everybody.
So, in other words, she means I’m worse than anybody that has ever worked at that hospital, because I can easily write a good recommendation letter for any of my ex-collegues. Also, I thought that she thinks I’m even worse than an actual rock! Because I could write a recommendation letter for a rock! I do realize now that I over dramatized her comment and that she was probably not thinking too much about what she was saying.

But, just to prove my point here is Dr.I.R.A Klip’s recommendation letter.  Please note that I did not have to give any majorly false info about him to write him a decent referral letter.

Letter of Recommendation
To whom it may concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Dr.I.R.A. Klip. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Klip for 3 years since January 2010 and highly recommend him for any position he might be considered for.

Dr. Klip is a very HARD worker and his morals are as strong as a rock. He has played a role in our theater, casualty, labour and general wards with great success. I never ever heard him complain about anything. He got along well with his collegues and easily adapted to the ways of the hospital.  Dr. Klip never quarreled or bad mouthed anyone, yet he also never let anyone walk all over him.  He was always willing when you needed him for whatever reason.  You could count on him to be there even on weekends and public holidays.

Dr.Klip is a good listener with a real solid character.  He is 100% dedicated and will certainly not abuse sick leave.

I can ensure you that Dr.Klip will be an asset to your hospital/practice just as he was at our hospital. He definitely made a worthy contribution even when times were tough.

We will all miss Dr.Klip dearly but we have no HARD feelings knowing that he is moving forward and building on his already successful career.

I will gladly vouch for Dr.Klip.

Feel free to contact me if any additional information is required.

Kind regards,
Dr. I. Shouldbeaboss
0800 ‘klip’ 41

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