We are in Peru


We are in Peru! We are in Peru! I can’t believe that we are actually in Peru! The lady from the guest house, Guadelupe, picked us up at the airport. She is very friendly and helpful. The place is tidy, very homely with comfy beds.

Lima is 7 hours behind South Africa. It’s now 8:30 am here. We are pretty exhausted though! We had a bit of a hassle in Sao Paulo. (I wrote about it on the plane, will post it later.)

The flight with SAA from Jo’burg to Sao Paulo was not too eventful. It took 10 hours 40mins. Sao Paulo is 5 hours behind South Africa. So we landed at 23:00 their time while it was 4 am back home.

Going to have a quick snooze then venture out to find food.


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1 Response to We are in Peru

  1. jane says:

    Eks bly julle is veilig daar in die verre vreemde land. Lekker rus en geniet die volgende skof. Liefde

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