Xanthe’s Wedding in Port Elizabeth


2015/01/img_4785.jpg“Take care of your mind it will help your body look good. Take care of your body it will make your mind feel good.”- JMF

Some call it the friendly city, most call it the windy city, I call it home. We travelled to Port Elizabeth this weekend for my cousin, Xanthe, and Patrick’s wedding.

Everything at the wedding was pretty, the food was tasty and the colour scheme matched Xanthe’s pretty, blue eyes. Bowen was the video man and Tyson dominated the dance floor. It was also interesting to see friends and family who I haven’t seen in ages… Some didn’t even look a day older than what they looked like when I saw them 15 years ago! (Others I barely recognized…)

We had good weather in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan (which is what the PE/Uitenhage district is known as) and enjoyed splashing and body surfing in some waves. The Kings Beach area has been revamped and is now much more impressive than what it was a few years ago.

You don’t notice the vibe in a place when you’ve always lived there but now, after living in the Free State for ten years, I can see why people say that PE has such a chilled vibe and a really relaxed atmosphere… It does. People seem to accept each other without needing to impress too much and there are a lot of arty-looking characters out and about.

My bro has an awesome view of the beachfront from the new apartment he’s staying in. He had his house warming party while we were there so now the place is warm and ready to be lived in.😉

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”-Marylin Monroe






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