Toilets and Flushing in Peru


This is embarrassing and probably not something one should blog about but it’s something you should know when in Peru. We only found this out today.

The toilet in our room got totally blocked in our last hostel. Here at the new place there is a sign in the bathroom saying “don’t flush toilet paper down toilet, place paper in bin provided.” Isn’t that a bit gross? Won’t that give the whole bathroom an unpleasant aroma?

We turned to google for answers and seems like the majority is in favour of not flushing any toilet paper down toilets in Peru. They apparently have a different type of plumbing system. So I suppose when in Rome…. (Or in our case, Peru…)

We checked out of our hostel (we were not kicked out because we blocked the toilet, in case you were wondering) and walked to our new Bed & Breakfast with our backpacks. It was quite a leg work-out!

There were lots of festivities in the Central Square this morning and we haven’t been able to find out what the celebrations were for. Perhaps it happens every Sunday?

Marc feels a bit under the weather today so we spent the whole afternoon in bed watching Spanish T.V, reading and playing cellphone games (Marc plays the games). We need to be fit and healthy for the Inca trail which starts on the 26th.



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