The Resurrection of the Moonbag

This post was written by Marc during the rough, overnight Cial bus trip:

Moonbags, fannypacks, bumbags, whatever you may call them, they are one of the world’s lost treasures! They can be classified along with other amazing yet derelict items such as the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Giza.

The timeless Moonbag is a truly inspiring and fashionable expression of oneself. It not only complements ones look but also serves a valuable, practical purpose.

From trending neon colours that matched the running/swimming shorts of the 80’s to the patch leather templates to match the jackets and stylish denims of the times. Not forgetting the timeless black moonbag to match any occasion or outing.

The moonbag is the manly alternative to the modern “manbag” or the more commonly known man-purse. Instead of adapting with the fashion of the times, the Moonbag has taken an unwilling step into the shadows and has deserted mankind. This is ironic because now we need it more than ever.

With the ever growing demand to “keep in touch”, the cell phone has become a permanent prostheses in our modern lives, joining the ranks of the wallet.

The plastic era has become a cruel enemy to the wallet forcing it beyond its purpose and creating a bulge of worthlessness to emerge. Parking areas and car guards are seen in the same light as the plastic era causing a high demand in bronze and silver in the form of coins. The above “calluses” have created protruding humps and bumps in men’s pockets across the world (not relating to that of being happy to see someone.)

The Moonbag not only enhances ones look through its use as a fashion accessory but it also offers a pleasing, well positioned bulge to admire as opposed to the awkward hump created by the wallet and cellphone of our modern time.

It is time for the Moonbag to strike back! It is time for it to rise to the occasion of these dire strait times and once more become an integral, practical, aesthetically-pleasing, everyday item admired by all.


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1 Response to The Resurrection of the Moonbag

  1. Carol Fook says:

    Jy het my convince Gaan my leather moon bag more uitgrawe 😄😄😄

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