Adventure Activities in Huacachina




The sandboarding and dune buggying in Huacachina was awesome! The dunes are huge and in every direction you look you see more sandy hills.

Our driver didn’t hold back! He drove that buggy to it’s limits. He drove up high sand dunes revving the engine that it roars. He then flew so fast downhill that it felt like we were falling. I was surprised that buggy didn’t tumble over. It felt like a roller coaster ride- just much more exciting.

At first he stopped at a few smaller dunes for us to try our wings out at sand-boarding. Initially my board was very out of control but I soon got the hang of it. Marc stood on the board like he was surfing a sand wave. I opted for the easier belly position. We moved up levels until we got to one of the highest and steepest dunes I’ve ever seen. Sliding down that dune was initially nerve wrecking but once you go it’s actually not that scary. The scariest part is pushing yourself down. It was really quite a thrill and we had so much fun.

We were covered in sand and sand was everywhere. Luckily the lady at our backpackers told us to put our camera in a plastic packet.

Our driver took us to the top of a dune for an incredible view and we watched a desert sunset. It was spectacular, the only thing missing were the cocktails!




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2 Responses to Adventure Activities in Huacachina

  1. Jeff Myburg says:

    Marcus don’t be such a sissy take on the bigger dunes.

  2. Lezhanne Hartwell says:

    Really looks like so much fun! Connor loves a sandpit and there he would have been in his happy place.

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