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Homebrewing Beer Tasting

       Ever thought of brewing your own beer?? Home and micro-brewing is becoming more and more popular these days. Not only do you control what goes into your beer but it’s also interesting to learn the process of beer making. … Continue reading

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Clarens Craft Beer Festival 2015

“Beer is not the answer. Beer is the question. ‘Yes’ is the answer!!😄” It was the long-awaited Clarens Craft Beer Festival last weekend… Craft Beer Breweries from all over South Africa were there with their best and most interesting brews. … Continue reading

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The Successful Yeard (year long beard)

A yeard, a year long beard, is something which many men only dream of. It requires patience, dedication and perseverance. Congratulations to Marc on his successful yeard! The last time Marc shaved was the 2nd of September 2013. On that … Continue reading

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Going for the Yeard (year long beard)

On the 2nd of march this year Marc’s beard has officially been growing for 6 months. Halfway towards the majestic yeard! It was initially known as “the travel beard” because the process started during our travels through South America. Many … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Traveller Joe

We don’t know Joe… But we’ve seen him 6 times in 2 months in 4 different countries…. Is this merely coincidence? Is he perhaps secretly following us? Are we meant to learn something from him? Allow me to elaborate…. The … Continue reading

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The Resurrection of the Moonbag

This post was written by Marc during the rough, overnight Cial bus trip: Moonbags, fannypacks, bumbags, whatever you may call them, they are one of the world’s lost treasures! They can be classified along with other amazing yet derelict items … Continue reading

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Where do you want to get to?

Alice comes to a fork in the road and does not know which way to proceed. She sees the Cheshire Cat and asks: `Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ `That depends a good … Continue reading

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