Bob Ross Paint Party

We don’t make mistakes, just happy, little accidents. Bob Ross

Marc’s “Bob Ross” party exceeded my expectations! It was really lots of fun and I was so impressed with how everyone’s painting looked. We all ended up with different paintings although we all had the same equipment, paints and watched the same Bob Ross video.

I also had to google Bob Ross when Marc first said he wants to have a Bob Ross party… but now I can’t imagine never having heard of him. He is best known for his show, The Joy of Painting, which was on TV from 1983 until 1994. He teaches people how to paint but many people watch his shows just because of Bob’s soothing voice and calm manner. His landscape paintings are amazing! In 20 minutes he paints an absolute masterpiece!

We watched season 16 episode 12. But there are so many to choose from. After the party we discovered a website called: which you can use to see all the Bob Ross paintings, what colour paints you need to paint that particular painting and there are people who have uploaded their version of that particular painting.

So, for the party we asked everyone to bring a plate of snacks and their own drinks. We were 11 artists in total so we covered 6 small tables with newspaper and 2 people sat at a table. We made an easel for each person and provided a blank canvas, brushes and the coloured oil paints which were needed. We all first had to apply a layer of liquid white. Bob Ross is known for painting “wet on wet.” Marc read us some “happy little facts” about Bob Ross, we then first watched the video and afterwards played the video again to paint along. We had to pause a few times because it’s actually really difficult to paint as fast as Bob Ross! But we all had a finished product under an hour.

It was so interesting for me to see how everyone’s different personality came out in their painting. It was really a very enjoyable evening!

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2 Responses to Bob Ross Paint Party

  1. This is brilliant! I am inspired to have a Bob Ross party of my own! Genius.

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