Our Templehof Lion Encounter

Leo and I enjoyed an outing with the Dixies to Tempelhof Guest and Game Farm today. The farm is near Ficksburg so it wasn’t too far to drive and Chantal bought lekker snacks which kept me and the kids happy.

We saw hyenas, springboks, wild dogs, wild cats, tame rabbits, an owl and a tractor. But the lions were definitely the highlight for me. (Not sure if Leo’s highlight was the tractor, the owl or the lions.) It’s amazing how much faith we had in those fences which separated us from those kings of the jungle! Those giant paws, penetrating eyes and sharp teeth make you realize how much more powerful they are than us… and we would’ve been lunch if it weren’t for the fences. Ollie had a better idea to stay far away from that roaring, lip-licking lion.

It was a nice outing. One can also stay overnight on the farm and arrange to be hunted go hunting.

Happy 2018! I still plan on posting a few memorable moments of 2017… before I forget.

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